This article is about the settlement. You may be looking for Starveil, the starship..

Starveil was a settlement, that was located on the planet Nyriaan.


Starveil was formed around and integrated parts of the Starveil, a starship that crash-landed on Nyriaan in 4067 BBY. After centuries of growth, Starveil became the largest native settlement on Nyriaan, becoming home to nearly 1,000 individuals. It was overseen by the Melan clan and several other native clans had enclaves in the settlement, making Starveil a hub for native activity.

Few offworlders were allowed into Starveil, but despite this, Temperance, a small colonial town, was established about a kilometer away from the native settlement. The Corporate Sector Authority, one of the corporate bodies that operated on Nyriaan, occasionally petitioned for Starveil to be destroyed, but this was never permitted, as the Melan clan was never successfully implicated in having participated in any type of guerrilla activity.