This article is about the starship. You may be looking for Starveil, the settlement.

Starveil was a starship that was used as an exploration vessel by the Galactic Republic.


In 4067 BBY, the Starveil was placed under the command of Bethanie Melan, a former commander in the Republic Navy, and sent to the Luire system, as part of the Starveil Project. Officially, the aims of the project were to explore and try to discover alien life. However, its true purpose was to find an experimental Republic naval vessel that had gone missing near to the Luire system.

The Starveil arrived in the Luire system and began carrying out scans, to try and locate the missing vessel. The scans proved inconclusive, but when the starship approached the planet Nyriaan, the planet's magnetic and atmospheric anomalies prevented it from being scanned from orbit. Melan decided to land the Starveil and communicated her intention to the Republic. However, the Starveil crash-landed on Nyriaan and was left unable to make further communication with the Republic. The Republic sent a pair of rescue ships to the Luire system, in search of the Starveil, and in their final report, they claimed that the Starveil had been lost due to Nyriaan's magnetic field and that all of its crew were dead.

In fact, Melan and the majority of the Starveil's crew survived the crash. They became the first colonists on Nyriaan and established the settlement Starveil around the remains of the starship.