The Starwind-class pleasure yacht was a luxury starship produced by Kuat Drive Yards. It was originally intended to compete with CEC's YT-series, which it bore a slight resemblance to, especially in the cockpit. Before the design was completed, it was repackaged as a yacht for wealthy customers.



Starwind schematics

Overall, the 50-meter-long ship had a flattened ovoid shape. It had a cargo capacity of 20 tons, and was configured to mount a pair of quad laser cannons, though the cannons were not included as standard. The Starwind-class yacht was also equipped with a single escape pod, which was based on the Star Galleon-class frigate's main cargo bay. Unlike other escape pods, it was equipped with its own hyperdrive, and was programmed to make random jumps until reaching the nearest habitable planet or major spacelane, where the ship's crew and passengers could be rescued.

Prominent Starwind-class yachts included Mazzic's Distant Rainbow and the Firerider, both of which were extensively modified for smuggling.



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