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Stassia was a small planet in the Core Worlds and its inhabitants were very tolerant under any circumstances.

The same stoic attitude toward the vicissitudes of weather and soil conditions that govern the growing of Statssia's principle export carried over in its people's passivity when it came to politics. Statssia’s economy was built on agriculture for as long as history remembers, and its people were used to working hard and seeing the results of their labor loaded onto freighters and flown away to feed other worlds, with the ensuing credits flowing into the government's coffers and, from there, down to its citizens. Because the exports were controlled by the government, not the growers, there was little personal correlation between work and reward, and with no basis for comparison, many Stassians had no comprehension of the economic influence their planet might wield in galactic society.

Long known for its indifference to the larger galactic picture, Stassia made the transition from Old Republic to Empire without a blink, and appearred to be a staunch supporter of the Emperor's New Order. The planet is pointed out as a model of the kind of stability that the Empire brings to its subjects (of course, everyone seems to have forgotten it was stable before the Imperials arrived), and sedition was unheard of. There was no indication the Rebel Alliance managed to penetrate the Stassians' apparent placidity and set up cells of resistance.

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