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"The Emperor has summoned his fleets to unveil the future of the Empire!"

In 3 ABY, during the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Emperor, Palpatine made a speech regarding the state of the war. He had summoned virtually all of his fleets to the Imperial Center so he would unveil the future of the Empire, which included several Imperial-class Star Destroyers, some Nebulon-B escort frigates, and even an Executor-class Star Dreadnought. TIE Fighters were also tasked with escorting several Lambda-class T-4a shuttles to the Imperial Palace where he made his announcement from the Audience Chamber.

"The Empire is on the verge of success. Soon, peace and order will be restored throughout the galaxy. Even now, our capable forces, led by Darth Vader, are striking back at the Rebel insurgents."
―Palpatine's speech[src]

Behind the scenesEdit

The State of the Galactic Civil War was an event that was shown during the intro to the 1994 video game Star Wars: TIE Fighter.


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