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This article is about the Noghri martial art. You may be looking for the creature.

Two Noghri spar using Stava

Stava was a form of martial arts developed by the Noghri assassins of Honoghr.

Named after a predator native to the Noghri home planet of Honoghr, Stava incorporates joint-locks, pressure points, nerve pinches, takedowns, and quick and deadly strikes with the hands, arms, feet, and legs. Like the animal it is named for, Stava puts severe emphasis on speed and endurance, with Noghri practitioners being able to dodge blaster bolts with acrobatics, rolls, and sheer offensive prowess, as shown by the Noghri slaughtering Darth Vader's stormtrooper guard on arrival on Honoghr. In addition to unarmed combat techniques, Stava also instructed practitioners in the art of throwing and wielding the traditional fighting sickle of the Noghri, as well as the more primitive weapons adopted by the assassins, such as quarterstaffs, vibroblades, and Vrakolian Spin-blades.

Stava was primarily only taught to Nohgri, however it later spread throughout the galaxy as Noghri began to give lessons in exchange for support in their efforts to rebuild Honoghr and their Wayland colony.

Shira Brie learned stava as part of her Imperial training.



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