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The Steadfast was a fleet hauler of the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic Defense Force. It participated in the Battle of Endor and in the Battle of Coruscant against Grand Admiral Thrawn, and after the resolution of the Thrawn campaign, was modified to become a "junker" under Operation Flotsam, and transformed into a starship that searched the wrecks of starships for valuable material and data.

In 16 ABY, it was dispatched to scour the hulk of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Gnisnal for valuable resources or information. The crew discovered an intact, fully operational datacore on Level Ninety-Six, in Corridor Q. The datacore's contents provided Asset Tracking office with its first, albeit aged, Imperial Order of battle, which allowed for the discovery of the Black Fleet.

Because of the extreme value of its data, it was immediately sent back to Coruscant to deliver the physical order of Battle datacore to Asset Tracking.



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