The Steady On was a freighter carrying a special cargo during the Clone Wars, which turned out to be the statuette of a small marine creature with four flippers and an elongated muzzle. Since the cargo was valuable, the ship's owners hired six skilled starfighter pilots to serve as an escort for the cargo ship in return for half payment upon safe delivery of the ship's cargo. The bounty hunter and former Sith assassin Asajj Ventress accepted an offer to escort the Steady On. However, the freighter was ambushed by the Ohnaka Gang, who wiped out the starfighter escorts with the exception of Ventress and her ship Banshee.[1]

The Ohnaka Gang brought the Steady On and its cargo to Hondo Ohnaka's pirate base on Florrum where he assigned a skeleton crew to loot unload the ship. Weeks later, Ventress and the Blood Bone Order captain Lassa Rhayme traveled to Florrum to seize the Steady On's cargo. Lassa posed as a mutinous member of her own crew while Ventress posed as a Jedi prisoner. Following a brief skirmish with Ohnaka and his lieutenant Jiro, the two managed to escape with the Steady One's cargo. Ventress then delivered the statuette to her employers.[1]


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