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The presence of a stealth field is obvious

The stealth field was a method of hiding oneself from view, making the wearer practically invisible. It was produced by portable generators, usually in the form of a belt or armband.

A stealth field did not completely hide its wearer, although spotting it would require awareness and great attention. The location of a stealthed target could be determined by air oscillations, like those from fire, and the presence of a silhouette. Besides, to remain unnoticed, one had to move slowly and silently. However, skilled users of stealth fields could make themselves hard to spot even for defense turrets, and could even run while stealthed.

During and after the Jedi Civil War, stealth field generators were primarily used by the Sith Assassins, as well as by Revan and the Jedi Exile's companions. Under Darth Malak's Sith Empire, a group of researchers on Korriban developed a special sound dampening stealth field generator, which was later found and used by Revan to enter Marka Ragnos' tomb while not corrupting the targeting protocols of the assassin droid guarding with excessive audio input. They were also integrated into Mandalorian Neo-Crusader's armor. Also, certain Bothans were known to use these in the Galactic Civil War. Shadowtroopers were also known to use these as well.

Behind the scenesEdit

Personal stealth fields appear in various Star Wars video games. Generally they are portrayed by using a frame buffer effect to show the stealthed individual as a three-dimensional transparent distortion in the air. The Knights of the Old Republic games, however, provided for video cards unable to use frame buffer effects by instead displaying the individual as normally visible but with a shimmering outline around them.



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