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Stealth Field Generator render
Stealth field generator
Production information


Cloaking device


5,000 credits

Physical and technical specifications


0.2 kg

Usage and history

To hide wearer's presence


Old Republic era

Stealth field generators were special devices typically worn on belts that saw use primarily around the time of the Jedi Civil War and the years following it. Essentially a portable, personal cloaking device, stealth field generators made their users all but invisible at medium and long ranges; however, a clumsy user could be easily detected in close quarters. Also, unless a master of stealth, the user could not maintain the stealth field while running.

Some Mandalorian armor designs, such as those worn by scouts, featured stealth field generators built into them. Examples of this could be found among the warriors who served under Mandalore Canderous Ordo in 3951 BBY, on their reclaimed base on the Onderonian moon of Dxun. There were also several advanced versions of the stealth field generator; some were enhanced with sound-dampening technology to make them more effective at closer ranges. Actions involving sudden outward movement, such as engaging in combat, left the wearer visible; despite this, using such generators enabled combatants so equipped to engage in devastating sneak attacks.

Three hundred years later, Operatives of the resurgent Sith Empire's intelligence organization made use of stealth field generators on their missions.


Behind the scenesEdit

The stealth field generator was specifically designed for the two Knights of the Old Republic video games. In order to use these devices, characters (whether controlled by the player or NPC party members), had to have paid points into the Stealth skill. Players of any class who put at least one point into the Stealth skill at character creation receive a basic stealth field generator at the beginning of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but only the Scoundrel class has the unique Feat of Sneak Attack, which adds bonus damage to attacks made from Stealth Mode.



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