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This was Maarek Stele's first official duty mission as a TIE pilot.


"Form up with me, Stele. We've got picket duty."

As Stele in a corvette was being suited up, he was assisted by fellow pilot Cadrath who showed him the ropes of his gear. Stele and Cadrath flew into formation to inspect freighter traffic. Soon into this mission six more freighters arrived and Stele inspected the first to find food, but when he reached the fifth one he spotted weapons.

The BattleEdit

"Weapons! I've got a load of weapons here."
―Maarek Stele[src]

Stele's report prompted a response. Imperials brought in more troops to disable and capture the freighter, but also caused several Rebel Lambda-class T-4a shuttles to arrive to fight for the cargo. Stele managed to shoot down three of the shuttles while they managed to destroy two of them, one of which collided with one of the TIE Fighters destroying it and killing the pilot, but the shuttle only receiving minimal damage. In the end the rest of the shuttles were also likely destroyed and the cargo seized.


The squadron commander praised the fighters and held a short ceremony for the casualties. The skirmish made Stele realize that it is easy to be killed in a TIE Fighter and believed that the only way to survive was to pilot a better craft and to do that he had to be the best of the best.