The Stellar Damsel was a CR90 corvette in the Alliance Fleet.


Acquired early in the Galactic Civil War, the corvette was occasionally used as a courier for data vital to the Rebellion. On one such mission, Imperial agents tracked their stolen data to the Stellar Damsel and attacked the ship.

Though damaged, the crew managed to reach hyperspace before their hyperdrive ceased functioning. With Imperial forces in pursuit, they hid in the Miro Asteroid Field and sent a distress call to the Alliance. The Alliance sent the YT-1300 light freighter Knight Errant with a rescue team onboard, and the Rebel Fleet staged an attack on a Star Destroyer as a distraction.

Finding the Stellar Damsel in an asteroid cave, the rescue team fought off mynocks and spacetroopers to reach the corvette. One of the survivors, Guro, assumed the position of acting captain and followed as the Knight Errant led the corvette out of the field. After escaping a TIE fighter patrol, the two ships returned to Alliance space with the critical datacard.