Stellskard was a male Human from Banvhar Station who worked as a miner during the Clone Wars, a galactic conflict between the Galactic Republic. In 20 BBY, he joined Flynn Kybo's hunt for General Grievous.


During the galactic conflict, Stellskard worked as an asteroid miner in the Banvhar Station until it was attacked by General Grievous and his droid army. As one of the few survivors, Stellskard vowed to avenge the senseless destruction that Grievous and the Separatists have caused. He later joined a group of Jedi on the planet Bryndar and plan an attack against Grievous. As they succeeded in tracking the Separatist General on Belsus, Stellskards and his colleagues were so deep on Grievous' atrocities and accompanied the Jedi on a daring mission to the planet. After stealing a Trade Federation freighter, they succeeded in landing on the moon. As the Jedi prepared to engage Grievous, Stellskard volunteered in defending the hangar and allow the captive Jedi Initiates to flee.

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