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"Despite the best effort of Mannd's forces, Stend VI remains a favorite neutral meeting place for some pirate groups."
―A news report by Sektor Newsline 242[src]

Stend VI was an Outer Rim planet located within the Juris sector. Lying on the Five Veils Route hyperlane, it was a terrestrial world with temperate climate and terrain dominated by mountains, plains, and urban areas. Stend VI's mostly Human population was governed democratically, albeit the planet served as a manufacturing site for the Galactic Empire.

At first glance an unordinary member world of the Empire, Stend VI came to be plagued by continuous violence as several swoop gangs rose to prominence on the planet. One of the first gangs included the Skulls, who gained infamous reputation for terrorizing innocent people, and the Knights, who were dedicated to the principles of the Jedi Order and opposed the Skulls. The local police were outmatched by the gangs, and even the military intervention of the Imperial forces was ineffective at first, leading to the creation of the specialized Dark Riders unit of mounted Storm Commandos.

A prominent location on Stend VI was the swoop pilot cantina known as The Pits. Featuring a main entrance through a landing tower on the roof, a museum dedicated to repulsorlift vehicles, and the cantina proper located underground, The Pits was a vibrant establishment where arguments either flared up into brawls or were settled on the cantina's private Raptor Run racing course. The Pits' owner, the famed racer Blizz Pinnix, occasionally appeared at Raptor Run; however, since the champion's face had never been seen in public, it was possible Pinnix was present at the cantina at any given moment.

Although owned by Pinnix, The Pits were run by the Herglic businessman Kaylo NaKuda, who also owned the adjacent vehicle repair garage and dealership Kuda's Compound. Secretly from Pinnix, NaKuda only sold vehicles and parts stolen by one of Stend VI's swoop gangs, and all repairs at the Compound's garages were done by slaves. At some point during the Empire's reign, a group of individuals worked together with Pinnix, the Knights, and the Sector Ranger Narra Mesyne to bring about the Herglic crime lord's downfall.


Stend VI was a terrestrial planet[3] located within the Stend system,[1][2] a part of the Outer Rim Territories' Juris sector.[1] It occupied the sixth orbital position around its star[3] and lay on the hyperlane[1] known as the Five Veils Route,[4] which connected it to the Ninzam and Vergesso system.[1] Stend VI orbited its star every 230 local days, each of which was 23 standard hours long, and had three moons, two of which loomed large in the planet's sky.[3]

The Outer Rim[1] world had standard gravity, Type I breathable atmosphere, and temperate climate, with winters being relatively mild. The surface of Stend VI featured mountains, plains, and a moderate hydrosphere as well as urban areas. There were no predators that could pose a particular threat to the planet's populace.[3]


Origins of a warEdit

"We must stop these…villains. We must stop them before someone is injured."
―Finegan Flint, on the Skulls[src]

The founder of the Skulls swoop gang, Jeng Seth

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, several swoop gangs arose on Stend VI, leading to daily skirmishes in the planet's skies. The group that was considered to be the first real gang was the Skulls.[3] It was formed[6] around the year 2 BBY,[7] when the seventeen-year-old sociopath Jeng Seth grew bored of shaking down owners of stores for protection money and picking pockets. Discovering a love for speed and danger in the streets of the essentially lawless Stend VI, Seth gathered his street friends and formed the Skulls, who began to commit robberies and terrorize innocents.[6]

Skulls Swooper

The Skulls originated on Stend VI.

When the Skulls began to make a name for themselves in the local news by terrorizing the inhabitants of Stend VI, the twenty-year-old idealist and local swoop mechanic Finegan Flint started to gather his friends in order to stop the menace of Jeng Seth's gang. Fascinated by historical and fictional accounts of the Knights[6] of the disbanded Jedi Order,[8] Flint led his friends into confronting a member of the Skulls and telling him to surrender himself to the local police. This started a feud between the two groups which eventually turned into a gang war. Flint's group, who came to be known as the Knights, were dedicated to the ideals of the Jedi,[6] but neither the local law enforcement agencies nor the subsequently-deployed forces of the Empire viewed them as anything else than yet another criminal organization.[3]

Legacy of the SkullsEdit

"You said we needed money, so I got us the highest paying run out there."
―Nuendo Rashh, overheard in The Pits[src]

The Knights swoop gang, who fought against the Skulls and the Razers

By 2 BBY,[7] the Skulls had relocated to the Hook Nebula. A new swoop gang emerged on Stend VI thereafter, known as the Razers, and resumed the Skulls' campaign of terror, at the same time specializing in stealing vehicles and parts. The Knight gang eventually refocused on combating the Razers. Maintaining only a handful of operatives on Stend VI in apprehension of inciting further conflict on the already violence-plagued world, the Rebel Alliance tried to recruit members of the Knights[3] at some point between the years 0 and 4 ABY.[9]


Cohden K'Reye, who wrote about The Pits

The Razers came to be hired by the local Herglic businessman Kaylo NaKuda, who purchased stolen merchandise from the gang only to sell it as supposedly legitimate goods at low prices. NaKuda's illegal activities, which also included slavery, eventually led the Sector Ranger Special Enforcement Officer Narra Mesyne to try and discover enough evidence against the Herglic to bring him to justice for his crimes. To that end, Mesyne posed as a new speeder bike racer called Miraj who attempted to collect a prize for successfully completing the race-course known as Raptor Run.[3]

The Corellian scoundrel Cohden K'Reye visited Stend VI at some point during the Empire's reign. He spent time in the cantina known as The Pits and later described the establishment in a treatise highlighting several recreation-related locations of the galaxy.[3] The Pits was also visited by the captain Nuendo Rashh once, who was overheard telling a companion that they had been hired to transport medical gear to Fortress Keremark on the Tion Hegemony planet Risban. Rashh was arrested after making the comment.[10]

Troubles for Blizz PinnixEdit


Lieutenant Irlyn Resk and the Dark Riders

At some point during the swoop gang warfare on Stend VI, the Empire responded to the local police's requests for assistance and sent in a wing of repulsorlift sleds. At first, the sleds appeared to be an effective solution, but eventually they were overwhelmed by the large numbers of the swoop bikers, and many of the Imperial vehicles were lost.[3]

Blizz Pinnix

Blizz Pinnix, legendary swoop racer and the owner of The Pits

As a result, the Imperial commanders on Stend VI formed the Dark Riders, a specialized squad of elite Storm Commandos led by famed scout trooper Lieutenant Irlyn Resk and mounted on heavily modified speeder bikes. Resk secretly wanted to confiscate the Black Raptor, the infamous swoop of The Pits' owner Blizz Pinnix, for himself.[3]

When Pinnix discovered the Black Raptor had mysteriously disappeared, the famous racer put out a very large reward for the swoop's return, which attracted to Stend VI many individuals eager to look for the lost vehicle as well as bounty hunters and mercenaries. There were many suspects in the disappearance, including members of the swoop gangs, NaKuda, and Lieutenant Resk.[3]

Eventually, a group of individuals were successful in tracking down the swoop bike, and received a large reward, although their fortune was subsequently threatened by the activities of Stend VI's swoop gangs.[3]

Around that time, NaKuda's use of slaves at his Kuda's Compound was discovered by a group of individuals who were themselves captured and put to work in the Compound's garages. There the group met the Twi'lek slave Sil Vaturha. The individuals ultimately escaped and, after finding Pinnix, presented The Pits' owner with convincing evidence of NaKuda's criminal activities. With Pinnix's assistance as well as that of Miraj and the Knight swoop gang, the group was able to defeat the Herglic crime lord and his henchmen.[3]

Pirate activitiesEdit

"They've gone somewhere else. Why? Beats me. But if they had packed it in and split up, some of them would have washed up here. The split-offs always do."
―Grady Mannd, on the absence of any members of the Khuiumin Survivors on Stend VI[src]

By the date 37:6:8, Stend VI had become a neutral meeting place favored by certain pirate groups. The planet's Defense Minister Grady Mannd unsuccessfully tried to use the local military forces to drive the pirates away from Stend VI.[5]

On that date, Sektor Newsline 242 broadcast a news report from Queo City on Stend VI. The report discussed the possible reasons for the inexplicably sudden decrease in the number of attacks by the Khuiumin Survivors pirate gang. It also quoted Mannd's belief that the Survivors had relocated to a different region of space to carry out their attacks, as evidenced by a lack of any reported members of the gang on Stend VI.[5]


Stend VI had a population of 2.2 billion, most of which were Humans. The inhabitants of the Outer Rim world were governed by a representative democracy allied with the Galactic Empire, in which the planet served the role of a manufacturing and processing site. The society on Stend VI had access to space-level technology and maintained an Imperial class starport. The planet exported consumer goods to other worlds while at the same time importing foodstuffs from elsewhere.[3]


The Skulls were one of the swoop gangs causing mayhem on Stend VI.

Considered to be a mostly typical Imperial world, at first glance Stend VI appeared to be peaceful and even dull. These qualities, however, eventually led to the planet becoming home to some of the galaxy's most infamous swoop gangs, with the gangs of Stend VI being especially problematic to the Empire. The gangs were responsible for extensive damage to property on the planet and significant loss of life. The Stend VI Security Forces were determined to stop the swoop-mounted criminals, but they faced a severe shortage of trained personnel and equipment necessary to combat the growing threat of the gangs, with even Imperial repulsor sled patrols proving ineffective.[3]


The PitsEdit

"There are two distinct ways to enter The Pits:
1) Fly in (via the Hive)
2) Walk in (via the door)
The choice you make will have a definite effect on how you are viewed by the clientele—and management, too!
1) Deserving of at least a modicum of respect
2) Bantha droppings
Get the holo-picture? Good.
―Cohden K'Reye[src]

Exterior of the Pits, with the Hive visible

A prominent location on Stend VI was the swoop racer bar known as The Pits. Lying within an urban area of low buildings and trees, The Pits had a ground floor with a street-level entrance as well as an underground level. An unusual feature of the cantina was its main entrance. Since The Pits was built with the motto of swoop enthusiasts—"Why walk when you can fly?"—in mind, most swoop pilots entered the establishment through the Hive, a tall, cylindrical tower on the cantina's roof.[3]

The Hive was honeycombed with hundreds of cubicles known as stalls, which allowed visitors of The Pits to dock their aerial vehicles. Docking in the stalls was regulated by the Hive Traffic Control, a structure made almost entirely of transparisteel and mounted on a thin support beam at the top of the large landing tower. The Hive also featured turbolifts leading to the ground level, which was set up as a museum dedicated to the history of repulsorlift vehicles and racing. The museum's collection also included the trophies of The Pits' owner, legendary swoop racer Blizz Pinnix.[3]

The cantina properEdit

"The Pits is aptly named. Not only is it a swoop racer bar, but it's dirty, dark, and sunk into the ground. If you can't tell a landspeeder from a Star Destroyer, this isn't your kind of place. The crowd is obnoxious, dangerous, and fearless. [...] Minor arguments can quickly escalate into massive brawls, especially between rival gangs. If you don't believe me, just take a quick count of all the blast marks in the wall!"
―Cohden K'Reye[src]

The Pits was a lively and colorful establishment.

Another set of turbolifts led from the ground level to the underground floor where the cantina proper was located. It was a lively and welcoming place full of both professional and amateur swoop and speeder bike pilots of several species, including members of swoop gangs. Due to always appearing in public wearing a signature racing helmet, no one knew what Pinnix looked like, therefore it was possible that the owner of The Pits was actually present in the cantina at any given moment without anyone recognizing the famous racer. The day-to-day operations of The Pits were overseen by the Herglic businessman Kaylo NaKuda, who kept secret from Pinnix his criminal activities.[3]

Since many of the bar's patrons were highly competitive in nature, disagreements were commonplace and were most often settled in race course known as Raptor Run, although occasionally arguments erupted into brawls which sometimes involved blasterfire. Such conflicts rarely got out of hand due to the presence of the Reigat racer-turned-bouncer Chugg. Droids were not welcome in The Pits, and there were rumors that any mechanical beings who did find their way inside the establishment ended up in a massive storeroom of spare parts.[3]

Kuda's CompoundEdit

Kaylo NaKuda

Kaylo NaKuda in front of Kuda's Compound

Kuda's Compound was a large, multi-story building located next to The Pits. Owned by the Herglic Kaylo NaKuda who also ran the adjacent cantina, the Compound offered the combined services of repulsorlift vehicle repairs and modifications as well as dealership of new and used vehicles and parts. It was a profitable operation that offered competitive prices and full services of resident mechanics to its customers. When not fulfilling his duties as a bouncer at The Pits, Chugg, who was also NaKuda's bodyguard, could be encountered at the Compound. In truth, the commercial success of Kuda's Compound was due to NaKuda employing a pair of illegal methods.[3]

Sil Vaturha

Sil Vaturha, one of Kaylo NaKuda's slaves

Firstly, almost all the vehicles and parts available at the Compound were stolen either by members of the local Razer swoop gang or imported from off-world by smugglers. The Herglic purchased these stolen goods at a low enough price to be able to offer the Compound's services at invitingly low costs to its clients.[3]

Secondly, the "mechanics" dealing with customers were just actors, while the real work was done by a dozen slaves in hidden, underground garages who were outfitted with subdermal implants that tracked their movement and prevented escape. One of the slaves was Sil Vaturha, a female Twi'lek orphan who possibly had some of the greatest technological skills of the inhabitants of the[3] Juris[1] and neighboring sectors.[3]

Raptor RunEdit

"While most disagreements are settled on the Pits' race course, fights do have a tendency to flare up with a startling fury."
―Cohden K'Reye[src]
Narra Mesyne

Miraj, one of the competitors at the Raptor Run course

A zone of hundreds of square kilometers originally designated as an Imperial Ordinance Detonation Test Area, what would eventually become known as Raptor Run was filled with rocky cliffs, canyons and serpentine valleys, as well as labyrinthine jagged paths twisting through them. The area also had fields of craters and mazes of slagged buildings as a result of former testing of Imperial munitions.[3]

Blizz Pinnix bought the land for a low price and turned it into The Pits' private race-course. The 85-kilometer-long course was rumored to have resulted in career-ending injuries, most of which were fatal, for more than a thousand swoop racers. A testament to the Raptor Run's difficulty was the fact that only three competitors had ever completed the course in under 20 minutes—a young Tatooinian, the stunt racer Lev Xestra, and Pinnix himself, who held the record for the fastest run on the track. Pinnix was known to occasionally enter the competitions held at Raptor Run, where he rode the Black Raptor, his renowned swoop and the namesake of the course.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Stend VI was first mentioned in Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim, a 1993 sourcebook written by Simon Smith and Eric S. Trautmann for West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[6] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Stend system, and therefore Stend VI, in grid square P-17.[8]

The 1997 sourcebook Wretched Hives of Scum & Villainy provides several adventure seeds set on the planet for use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, and this article assumes as many of those scenarios play out as described as possible without contradicting each other. Alternate scenarios of how the player characters may interact with the character Narra Mesyne are also presented in the adventure seeds. One of these options suggests the characters are originally sent to Stend VI to assist Mesyne in her investigation. Another option is for the characters to be hired by the character Kaylo NaKuda to discover who is spying on him, leading the characters to preventing Mesyne in succeeding at her mission or even capturing her.[3]


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