The legendary Steng was warmaster of the strongest domain that fought in the Cremlevian War.


The ruthless warrior led his domain on a bloody conquest throughout the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy before an enemy domain led by Warmaster Yo'gand defeated them. During the climactic battle, the planet Ygziir was destroyed in the first use of the tactic that came to be called Yo'gand's Core. The destruction of Ygziir led to the end of the war.

The warmaster's legacy lived on in the form of his favored implant, now known as Steng's Talons. Though long dead, Steng continued to hold the leader of the Yuuzhan Vong in his embrace throughout the countless generations. His flayed skin, torn from his body following his defeat during the Cremlevian War, was worn by Yo'gand and every successive Supreme Overlord.



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