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Steve Gerber (cropped)
Steve Gerber
Biographical information

September 20, 1947, St. Louis, Missouri


February 10, 2008, Las Vegas, Nevada




Star Wars work

Tatooine Sojourn

Stephen Ross "Steve" Gerber (September 20, 1947–February 10, 2008) was an American comic book writer best known as co-creator of the satiric Marvel Comics character Howard the Duck.

Other works include Man-Thing, Omega the Unknown, Marvel Spotlight: Son of Satan, The Defenders, Marvel Presents: Guardians of the Galaxy, and a lengthy run on Daredevil. At the time of his death, he was writing Countdown to Mystery: Doctor Fate for DC Comics, having briefly worked with a version of the character in 1983.

He was also known for including lengthy text pages in the midst of a comic book story, such as in Man-Thing, Howard the Duck, Son of Satan, Defenders, Nevada, and his graphic novel, Stewart the Rat.

Gerber was posthumously inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2010.

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