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Stieg Wa was a transport pilot during the time of the Old Republic.

He was described as young, brash and confident. He grew up alone and prospered in treacherous adventures.

He was later approached by the Jedi, and agreed to transport Qui-Gon Jinn and Xanatos to Telos IV. During the journey, he made a number of personal attacks on Xanatos, about him being sheltered in the Jedi Temple and knowing nothing of real life. Then, while crossing the Landor system, they were ringed by pirate ships, who ordered Wa to surrender. Stieg refused, however, and managed to escape, skillfully dodging blaster fire.

After the skirmish, Wa blamed Xanatos for sabotaging the ships cloaking system. While repairing the device on the ship's dorsal platform, the pirates returned. Stieg was hit by blaster fire and captured.

Afterwords, Jedi Master Tahl was sent to apprehend the pirates who abducted Wa.

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