Still Life - Kite Plant was a painting rumored to have been created by the legendary artist known as Bahzel. Copies of the work were available in the galaxy sometime after the Battle of Yavin, during the Galactic Civil War. It was in a still life that depicted a beige kite plant, a species from the moon Yavin 4, on an off-white background.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Still Life - Kite Plant appeared in the 2003 MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies by Sony Online Entertainment. Normally unavailable to players as it was meant to be used only as decoration in developer-created buildings, a glitch from the early days of the game allowed players to pick up any item their characters could examine from non-player-character owned buildings. The painting could be used as decoration in the player character's home if one has obtained a copy.[1]


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