"About as far out on the Rim as you can get without falling off the map. If you're looking to drop off the galactic radar, this giant ball of sand would seem the perfect place to disappear."

Stoga was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories. A dry, desert world of large canyons and craggy rock formations, Stoga was largely overlooked by the galactic governments due to its remote location—making it a haven for smugglers, outlaws and mercenaries to keep a low profile.


Stoga canyon

A canyon on Stoga.

It was also home to six rebel cells loyal to Garm Bel Iblis during the Galactic Civil War, under the leadership of Karn and Lhira. However, these cells were compromised after BoShek sought refuge on Stoga. He befriended Rasha Bex, believing her to be an ally to his cause, though in fact she was a spy for the Galactic Empire. Imperial forces were called in, with orders to wipe out Bel Iblis' cells on the planet. BoShek himself was transported off Stoga as a prisoner of the Empire.



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