The Stone Cities of Bogan was a large settlement created by the Tythonians on the moon of Bogan. These were made when the non-Force-sensitive Tythonians were compelled to leave their homeworld of Tython. From the moon, the Tythonians later departed further into the Tython system to create the Settled Worlds and left behind only the Stone Cities on Bogan.

In the aftermath of their departure, the Je'daii Order began exiling those Je'daii that became imbalanced in the Dark side of the Force to Bogan. Once exiled, these Je'daii used the empty Stone Cities as their refuge whilst they contemplated the Force and sought balance in it. Following Xesh's arrival to Tython, the Je'daii Order decided to banish him to Bogan where he remained at the Stone Cities until Xesh met fellow exile Daegen Lok.