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Storm Leader was the call sign of the lead TIE/Advanced starfighter of Storm Squadron, a squadron in the Imperial Navy with recruitment based out of the capital city of Bestine, on the Outer Rim world of Tatooine.


As a member of one of the more elite of the Imperial squadrons, Storm Leader's TIE/Advanced boasted more damaging lasers and better maneuverability over other TIE Advanced starfighters in the squadron. This advantage, however, came at the expense of accuracy to targeting systems.

Behind the scenesEdit

Storm Leader was the name of a TIE Advanced starship miniature in WizKids Games initial release of the Star Wars PocketModel TCG. WizKids often previewed new—or included existing—Expanded Universe material from other published Star Wars brands and titles, including the Star Wars Galaxies game, from which Storm Squadron is featured.