Storm Unit was a Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transport used by the Rebel Alliance to transport boarding commandos during the Galactic Civil War. Additionally, Storm Unit was used in the capture of certain vessels, such as the Lambda-class shuttle AA-23. Other notable feats include the capture of Hurrim leader Golov Nakhym on the shuttle Lendros, and the liberation of the Azzameen Station from mercenary forces.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Storm Unit is a frequent sight in Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, and is often an objective to be protected during a boarding operation. It is unclear whether 'Storm Unit' referred to the commandos it carried (see here), and merely the call sign of the vessel (perhaps there were multiple 'Storm Unit' vessels) or whether the ship was actually/additionally named 'Storm Unit'. Going by naming convention of XWA, the ship was definitely called Storm Unit, it is still unclear though whether the name applied to both.