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"Discover adventure and serve your Empire!"
―Imperial stormtrooper recruiting advertisement[src]

The Stormtrooper Corps, also referred to as the Trooper Corps, was an independent military branch operating under the Imperial Army of the Galactic Empire. The Corps was best known for its near limitless supply of obedient stormtroopers trained at Imperial academies across the galaxy, as well as its near fanatical devotion to Darth Vader.[18] Regarded as the Empire's chief enforcers, the Corps would serve to remind both the military and civilian populace of the Empire's military supremacy.

Inheriting the military forces of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Corps would posses a large amount of highly trained infantry to support military excursions against remaining Separatist holdouts. The Corps would ultimately be founded by a group of clone commandos.[11] Due to the military buildup during the Clone Wars, the Corps would continue to rely on Republic-era clone troopers for a few years after the proclamation of the New Order. Nonetheless, the Imperial clone trooper's fighting skills would ultimately deteriorate due to their accelerated aging process.[19] In response, the Corps would accept non-clone recruits into its ranks, with most remaining clones being disbanded four years before the Battle of Yavin.[20] During the Galactic Civil War, the Corps would undergo an accelerated training process to provide more soldiers more quickly to suit the Empire's needs.[11]

Although their ranks were numerous and possessed some of the finest weaponry and armor, with much development spearheaded by the Imperial Department of Military Research, stormtroopers were generally less respected as soldiers—at least in comparison to their clone predecessors—by the Empire's adversaries and surviving veterans of the Clone Wars. Clone Captain CT-7567 noted the inferiority of the new stormtrooper ranks, believing poor training and equipment was partly to blame for the Corps decrease in operational effectiveness.[21]

According to Imperial records, the Corps has never had a trooper turned traitor.[17]

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Stormtrooper specializationsEdit

  • Stormtrooper—The Empire's main enforcer throughout the galaxy. Equipped with E-11 blaster rifles and specialized armor made up of over 18 plastoid, composite plates.
    • Cold weather assault stormtrooper—Better known as Imperial snowtroopers, trained for operations in arctic environments.
    • Flametrooper—Flametroopers were Imperial incendiary units equipped with flamethrowers for rooting out entrenched enemy positions.
    • Seatrooper—Imperial troopers trained for operations in aquatic environments.
    • Shoretrooper—A variant of the Empire's stormtrooper.
    • Imperial shock trooper—High-class stormtroopers pulled from the elite of the Corps and equipped with distinctive armor with red markings. Primarily utilized as elite front-line units and guards for Emperor Palpatine himself.
    • Spacetrooper—Specialized stormtroopers equipped with rebreather packs for use in Zero-G environments.
    • Stormtrooper grenadier—Specialized stormtroopers equipped with grenade launchers.
    • Imperial combat driver—The Empire's elite ground vehicle pilots capable of piloting vehicles such as the All Terrain Defense Pod, Imperial Troop Transport and 614-AvA speeder bike. Highly respected by their peers, their intimidating armor were useful during encounters with local insurgents.
    • Imperial Heavy Trooper—Specialized stormtroopers equipped with combat armor and electrostaffs.
    • Heavy Stormtrooper—Heavy Stormtroopers, also known as Heavy Weapons Stormtroopers were equip with Z06 blaster cannons and heavy armor.
    • Jump trooper—Jump troopers were specially trained soldiers equipped with jetpacks and bubble shields that could be activated for short periods of time. Useful for rapid battlefield maneuvers and flanking enemy positions, Jump troopers could traverse environmental hazards that would normally tie up regular troops.
    • Magma trooper—Specialized stormtroopers capable of withstanding high temperatures in volcanic environments.
    • Sandtrooper—Specialized stormtroopers equipped for desert environments, with unique helmets featuring extra cooling features and a sand filter, along with a survival backpack stocked with extra food and water.
    • Scout trooper—Scout troopers, also known as biker scouts, were the reconnaissance units of the Corps, utilized to determine enemy positions, perform hit-and-run attacks and gather intelligence on enemy operations in a combat zone.
    • Imperial riot trooper—Soldiers equipped with electrostaffs and trained to quell insurrectionist activities.
    • TIE fighter pilot—Imperial ground-based pilots, capable of piloting the TIE/LN starfighter.[22]

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