Gulek Lohn

Gulek Lohn and the cantina.

The Stormview Lounge was,by the time of the Galactic Civil War, the only eating establishment on Darknon Station. It was run by a grumpy Rodian named Gulek Lohn. The cantina was situated along one edge at the end of the Concourse and was also used by its owner to spy on visitors. Any overheard information about a possible bounty that might be on an individual, Lohn sold to bounty hunters.


Many generations before the Galactic Empire, the Stormwiew Lounge was highly visited, with its transparisteel viewports granting a view of the Itani Nebula and its rolling gases and flashing ion and magnetic storms. But over the years the Lounge became forgotten, as was the space station itself. The viewports had been covered up by large metal sheets bolted around their edges, except two of them, which were still usable. There were just a few visitors left, so there was no need for more. A few tables littered the floor of the Lounge, and a bar was situated along another section of bulkhead.

The service was not as good as in other cantinas, and Gulek Lohn demanded many credits for the tasteless meals and watered-down drinks he served. Because Stormview Lounge was the only cantina in the station, however, spacers had no chance to get their meals elsewhere. Lohn knew about that, so the Rodian made full use of it.


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