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The strato-hopper was an airspeeder employed by the Galactic Empire for transportation across the Polar Wastes of Akuria II.[1] It could not travel through the more violent of Akuria IIs storms, and had to be grounded while the storms passed over.[2]

During the Mission to Akuria II an unidentified Imperial commander used a strato-hopper to transport himself, his stormtroopers, and the captive Leia Organa Solo to the Imperial Polar Base.[1] The strato-hopper was forced to land due to a storm, allowing Luke Skywalker and a band of Rebels to overtake it. Skywalker lured an ice worm into attacking the strato-hopper, which could not withstand the beast. While the commander, with Organa, escaped, the strato-hopper was destroyed.[2]

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