"Stren joined GOSS the year we graduated and, for a Human, proved himself very skilled at aquatic survival. he nearly defeated me in the third Calant Engagement exercise. Nearly."
Akul Witig on Stren Grier.[src]

Stren Grier was a former Human male Imperial scout and later a staff member of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School.


The only child of a widower trader, Grier was born on the Lesser Plooriod Cluster, but his mother raised him in spaceports.

After her death, Grier joined the Imperial Survey Corps, offering his loyalty to the Empire. However, a corrupt officer falsely accused him of forging reports about the Giryulan Findings. Grier became a fugitive and escaped from the Imperial space.

Eventually, Grier found and joined the Galactic Outdoor Survival School and joined the staff. He became loyal to GOSS dean Barosa Warren, and due to his experience as Imperial scout he also was a good survivalist. He was known because he rarely socialized.

Around 2 BBY, he was middle-aged and not so dangerous in a fight; but due to his loyalty to Warren and to Warren's animosity towards the Twilight Class and the Rebel Alliance, Rebel officer Akul Witig considered Grier a threat.