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DV-9: "Greetings, Deputy Strey. DV-9 requesting access to raw data files. I have three researchers from offplanet with me."
Strey: "Voice authorization confirmed. Go ahead."
―DV-9 and Strey[src]

Deputy Strey was an Imperial clerk at the Galactic Research Academy on Koaan. He worked in the underground processing facility at the facility, and a consequence, he looked pale and sickly from too much time indoors. He had a sour demeanor.


In 1 ABY, Strey gave permission for DV-9, a research assistant droid at the facility, to bring Mammon Hoole and his two wards into the facility. While they were there, he was shot by a group of smugglers, including Platt Okeefe, who were breaking into the facility to steal planetary data. The blaster was set to stun, knocking out Strey, and he only recovered after Okeefe, Hoole and all their companions had escaped the facility.


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