Strike Force Cularin, also known as Task Force Cularin, was a military unit that was formed during the Clone Wars, from units of the Galactic Republic, Thaereian military and Cularin Militia, to improve diplomatic ties between the three of them.


It was commanded by Colonel Lazlo Ardine of the Grand Army of the Republic, with Colonel Rast'Tul of the Thaereian military as second-in-command. The unit consisted of the Republic cruiser Relentless (commanded by Captain Meeba), two support ships, some Z-95 Headhunters and two companies of Clone troopers. The Heroes of Cularin also joined it, as did Biko, Teeloo and Oora Gellandi. It had good medical support, which included the Ithorian healer, Uublu.


The task force was formed to perform a mission to attack a Separatist base on a planetoid in the Ando system. It formed up in the Cularin system and was delayed from leaving by a Thaereian customs frigate, until Rast'tul intervened.

The task force traveled to the Ando system and attacked a CIS CR90 corvette. The Heroes of Cularin boarded the ship, which secretly contained a Thaereian agent who had been meeting with the Separatists about the military allying itself with them. Rast'tul was worried that the heroes might discover this, so he sent out one of the Headhunters to attack the ship. The heroes destroyed the attacker and Rast'tul claimed that the pilot had acted on his own. The task force then assaulted the base and the Clone troopers fought against B1 battle droids and organic Separatist soldiers, before capturing it. Rast'tul was almost killed, but the heroes were able to save him. When he discovered that it was they who saved his life, he was enraged and accidentally admitted sending the Headhunter to kill them. Ardine overheard and had some Clones arrest him.

The mission had been a success and the task force was disbanded. A Strike Force Cularin Commemorative Medallion was awarded to the people who had been members of it, to commemorate the unit.