"We have acquired five warships which shall rain destruction on Ubertica—then we will personally land and finish off the survivors one by one to forever erase their memory from the universe."
War-Master Savax[src]

Circa 3 ABY, Savax, War-Master of the Southern Wastes of Uba IV, led a force of so-called "True" Ubese in a strike against the "yrak pootzck" Ubese of Ubertica.

While not part of a formally declared war, the battle was part of a long-brewing blood feud between the two Ubese communities which dated back over one millennium to the bombardment of the Uba system during the New Sith Wars. While most of the Ubese population who survived that battle were left to eke out a living as nomads in Uba IV's wastes, a minority was rescued and taken to start a new life on the relatively pleasant planet Ubertica. When the Ubese of Uba IV began to make their way off their home planet, they found that their long-lost cousins were accepted as part of galactic society. Savax, and other Ubese who felt the same way, believed that only the destruction of the "yrak pootczk" Ubese would allow the "True" Ubese to take their rightful place in the galaxy.

Savax's forces consisted of a coalition of several "True" Ubese clans, including his own Clan Vorsazg. His fleet consisted of five capital ships of unknown class, which were later rumored to have been supplied by the Hutts. When his fleet arrived in orbit around Ubertica, they began a bombardment which destroyed many of the planet's urban areas. Savax's intention was to destroy as many of the planet's settlements as possible from orbit, then land his forces to search for and kill any survivors.

Fortunately for the survivors on Ubertica, not to mention the other planets in the sector, the Galactic Empire quickly learned of Savax's attack. An Imperial Sector Fleet was soon dispatched to Ubertica. The Imperials struck back at Savax's marauders, killing Savax and vaporizing all five of his vessels. Amongst the wreckage of Savax's fleet, a datafile was discovered which laid out the justifications for his genocidal acts.