Striking Staff was a powerful male Esh-kha warrior who was imprisoned on the planet Belsavis by the Infinite Empire thousands of years before the Cold War.


He resided within the Tomb when he along with his kind were accidentally freed by the attack of the Sith Empire on the Tomb. This led to the Esh-kha attacking both the forces of the Sith and the Galactic Republic. During this time, he was part of an Esh-kha force occupying a Rakatan vault containing advanced stasis technology.

Imperial droid TA-350 tasked an Imperial citizen with recovering the stasis technology. During recovery, Striking Staff was killed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Striking Staff is a Champion-level enemy who serves as the boss of the optional Breakthrough mission on Belsavis. This article assumes one hundred percent game completion, so he was killed.