A Stun tentacle was a highly articulated and flexible Durasteel appendage used by JK-13 security droids.

Produced by Cestus Cybernetics, stun tentacles were specifically designed to be extremely dexterous, and were capable of becoming a flat-edged strand or thicker cable as needed. Typically used as whips, stun tentacles were usually lashed at a target in their edged form, cutting and maiming soft targets. Alternatively, when faced against more armored targets, the stun tentacle could be used to restrain and constrict around a target - despite their fragile looking appearance, the tentacles were incredibly strong, and could cut and crush through some of the hardest materials simply by squeezing them. The tentacles were also capable of non-lethal measures as well; being made out of Durasteel, they were capable of delivering a debilitating electrical charge across their surface to targets.