This article is about the vornskr. You may be looking for Zelice Sturm, a Jedi Knight.

Sturm, along with Drang, was one of Talon Karrde's two pet vornskrs.

Karrde met Sturm when the vornskr attacked him. Karrde shot its tail off in self-defense, which injured and stunned the beast, stopping its attack. Karrde nursed it back to health and named it, and the two took a liking to one another (especially since Karrde was feeding Sturm, and since tailless vornskrs lack the aggressive tendencies of those who have their tails, Sturm had no desire to hunt). Around 9 ABY Karrde brought them to Mount Tantiss in hoping that they could locate Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker using their Force-related hunting technique.

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