Styanax were ferocious, serpentine aquatic predatory reptile native to Tralus. Their heads were thickly armored. They possessed great strength in their jaws. A styanax also had a poisonous stinger located at the tip of its tail, which it used as a whip to attack its prey. The poison was not lethal, but was known to sap energy, eventually leading to paralysis. Styanax in turn were hunted by Human and Selonian colonists. Styanax were able to see in dark water, making them elusive prey. Styanax hunters, known as "stabmen," gathered in their wide-hulled nagaks on the Sea of Jarad when the styanax came there to mate, hunting them with harpoons. Veteran stabmen recall a tale of Old Gloxix, a huge 14-meter, stingerless styanax whose thick hide was pierced by lances and torn lines, yet eluded capture for decades.