Subject 6391-A (nicknamed Cracktooth) was a female Wookiee who served as a slave to Grand Moff Lozen Tolruck[1] in 5 ABY.[2] She lost most of her teeth while trying to bite through her chains. Since Cracktooth was submissive, Tolruck used her as his personal servant and gardener. She and her fellow Wookiees on the planet Kashyyyk were fitted with inhibitor chips which kept them in line. After Sinjir Rath Velus deactivated the inhibitor chips' control module during the liberation of Kashyyyk, Cracktooth exacted revenge on her former master Tolruck and broke his neck.[1]


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    The novel Aftermath says that months have passed since the Battle of Endor. Aftermath: Life Debt begins two months after the end of Aftermath; therefore, the events of the former take place at least four months after the Battle of Endor. Since three months after the Battle of Endor is part of 5 ABY, as shown with Bey and Dameron's settling on Yavin 4, events of Life Debt must take place in 5 ABY at the earliest. On the other hand, the Galactic Atlas dates the Battle of Jakku, as depicted in Life Debt's sequel Aftermath: Empire's End, to 5 ABY as well, leading to the conclusion that Life Debt is set in 5 ABY.
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