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The Subjugation of Sriluur occurred in 0 ABY, in which the Galactic Empire invaded and conquered the planet Sriluur.[2]

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin,[2] Imperial forces entered the city of Dnalvec, known for its important militia,[1] and effectively ended the long-lasting Houk–Weequay conflicts.[3] The Empire established a presence on the planet, first to put an end to smuggling and Rebel activity in the Periphery, but also in order to weaken the Hutts that controlled the region.[4] The Empire established garrisons in the industrial capital Meirm City and along the Copper Coast.[1]

The world was turned as a staging area for the distribution of the region's raw materials bound for Kuat Drive Yards. The nearby Ka'Dedus and Verde systems were heavily mined and Sriluur was the most accessible waypoint to the Core Worlds.[2] In the aftermath of the annexation, some disgusted Weequay, including veteran Adazian Liebke, left Sriluur and joined the Rebel Alliance.[1]


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