The subjugation of Utapau by the Confederacy of Independent Systems took place during the last months of the Clone Wars.


Following a Republic ambush at Belderone, General Grievous continued the search for a safe location for the Separatist Council. The planet Utapau was eventually chosen as the new operation center for Confederate forces at the command of Darth Sidious.

The subjugationEdit

Utapau's Security Force was decimated during the Confederate take-over, with all its Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers destroyed and its Skyforce forced into hiding outside of the sinkhole cities.


Representatives of the Pau'an warriors formally surrendered to General Grievous in Pau City at the end of hostilities. The planet would remain under Separatist control until the Battle of Utapau.

An unknown Pau'an artist depicted the fall of Utapau in his painting, called Utapau Surrenders. It depicted Utapauan warriors surrendering to Grievous while the Confederate armada landed on the planet.