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A subspace relay station was used to broadcast news through the galaxy, and transmit subspace communication signals.[1]

The subspace relay station in the Laim system was a 100 meter-long, spindle-shaped, unmanned, intra-system space station in a distant orbit around its star. In addition to broadcasting systems, the station had a collision defense system. This defense system had 12 lasers arrayed around the station's radial exterior, designed to destroy any orbiting asteroids or planetoids which might have threatened to collide with the station. It was also fitted with defensive shields.

Not all subspace relay station have the capability to originate broadcasts. Some can only relay broadcasts. In the Rayter sector, for example, only eight of sixty-four relay stations (including the station at Laim) had the capability to originate broadcasts, the rest only having the capability to relay.[2]

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