Subtext mining was a mining corporation which manufactured the M-2 mining probe droid. In 67 BBY, Subtext sold an M-2 to the Bith Sith Lord Darth Tenebrous and his apprentice the Muun Darth Plagueis. However, the droid had been sabotaged by an unknown party, and as the two Sith investigated a lode of Cortosis ore on Bal'demnic, it deliberately ignited a pocket of lethane gas, resulting in Tenebrous' death.

As retribution, Plagueis kidnapped a group of Subtext's executives and marooned them in the Tingel Arm for one standard year. Though he did not ultimately discover the culprit, his interrogation of the executives led him to Naboo after one of their number attempted to make amends by informing him of a vast plasma source on the planet that Subtext was investigating. There Plagueis would discover a young Human named Palpatine, his future apprentice Darth Sidious. After the executives' disappearance was noted by Senator Pax Teem, Plagueis had his Echani Sun Guard retrieve the group, execute them and dump their bodies outside Subtext's offices on Corellia.

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