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Sullustese[2] was the liquid, chattering tongue spoken by the Sullustans,[1] diminutive humanoids that came from the planet of Sullust.[3] Lando Calrissian[4] and Leia Organa, both humans, understood Sullustese.[2]

Examples of Sullustese phrasesEdit

  • Ah-the-yairee u-hareh mu-ah-hareh.[5]
  • Mu-ah-hareh mu-kay, huh? E-mutee bit-chu me![5]
  • Lamou-be-o-tee.[5]
  • Deh-te’ill DOU![5]
  • Mu-the gate-oh…[5]
  • Lor-ac!! Lor-ac!![5]



Notes and referencesEdit

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