Sully Olvar was a male human who served as a pilot for the Galactic Empire around the time of the Battle of Yavin. He flew in Nashtah Squadron, a TIE/ln space superiority starfighter squadron in the Imperial Army. Olvar and his squadmates participated in the Battle of Portocari, and later drank together at the Zero Angle, where Olvar became involved in a brawl. He always supported his wingman and friend Huck Trompo.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Sully Olvar was created by Jason Fry for the short story "Last Call at the Zero Angle" which was published in Star Wars Insider 156 in 2015. An illustration of Nashtah Squadron by John Van Fleet's was included in the story, but which pilot was which was not clarified in the Insider.[1] Fry later confirmed the identity of each character in the illustration on Twitter.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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