The Sulon Star was a large freighter that was owned by the Dark Jedi Jerec. In addition to its spacious cargo holds, the vessel boasted a docking bay that was big enough to accommodate four shuttles.



The Sulon Star on approach to Ruusan.

The Dark Jedi Jerec had come into possession of the Sulon Star sometime before 5 ABY.[1] The ship would be stationed on the planet Sulon outside of the city of Barons Hed at the fuel complex Fuel City when it was chosen for the meeting place between the droid 8t88 and the Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi Pic and Gorc were sent there to eliminate the droid, which they did. The Rebel agent and Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn was tailing the droid and sneaked aboard before the freighter had departed from the fuelling station. The Dark Jedi would duel with Katarn aboard the ship, but were defeated by the rebel agent who escaped from the ship shortly afterwards. The Sulon Star would continue its journey to join up with Jerec's fleet of star destroyers, and his main flagship Vengeance. They would the resume their journey together and head for the Valley of the Jedi on the planet Ruusan.

Some time after, While the ship was docked, whether by accident or design, Jerec knocked Kyle Katarn into the ship's hold after he refused to give in to the dark side and strike down his partner, Jan Ors. The vessel itself, which had received the full blast of Jerec's Force power, began to lose its hold on the docking station where it was moored. The supports gave way, and the ship, whose systems had been knocked offline, began to plummet into a deep canyon.

Frantically searching the falling ship, eventually Kyle found his own vessel, the Moldy Crow, which had been tethered to the craft's underside. Katarn managed to board his ship and escape the Sulon Star just before it smashed into the canyon floor. However, the shockwave from the explosion caused the Crow to crash as well.



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