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Suluk was a group of modified Beta-class ETR-3 Escort Transports based at the Imperial research station Obsidian as part of the TIE Experimental Project.

The Rebel Alliance's first recorded encounter with Suluk came when a pair of A-wings detected a distress call from Calico in a nearby convoy while escorting a staff transfer through the Belat system. Responding to the distress call, the A-wings found the convoy to be under attack from TIE Bizarros, and the escort transports of Suluk lurking at the fringes of the combat zone.

In a subsequent mission, Rebel Z-95s disabled one of Suluk, and it was brought back to the calamari cruiser Liberty for analysis.

It was discovered that the life support systems on board the transports were rigged to "malfunction" if the craft were ever disabled, killing all aboard and presumably keeping the Suluk's function a secret. Nonetheless, further research revealed that these vessels worked as control craft from which Human pilots could fly the prototype TIEs remotely.

Ships from this group were strangely absent during the attack on Bretie Facility, although the factory was defended by prototype TIEs.

However, they were seen again during the ambush on the Liberty and the final battle at Obsidian station. The remaining craft of Suluk were destroyed with the research station when the Rebel attack that put an end to the project.



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