Sun skimmer 2000 sun jammer

a Sun Skipper 2000 Sun Jammer

Sun jammers were a type of solar wind-driven recreational vehicle/racing ship. Piloting a sun jammer was known as "sun jamming." Popular sun jammer racing events included the Ursellin Sun Jammer Race and the Chandrilan Cometary Games. Due to bets being placed on sun jammer races (especially at casinos), the races were sometimes fixed. Janstren Brell and the Red & Black League one made a huge profit by fixing the Ursellin Sun Jammer Race.

Annual sun-jammer races were sponsored by the Kendamari Casinos in the Lol sector, attracting gamblers from neighboring sectors to their casinos.[1]

A popular model was the Sun Skipper 2000 Sun Jammer.



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