Sunder 9 was an armor technology developed by Dr. Nashiak Llalik.

An armor-technology lover since childhood, Llalik always wanted to work in a power armor to be used as a multi-environment personal battlesuit. After obtaining a degree at the Chandrillan Academy of Sciences and creating Llalik Designs, Dr. Llalik finally had a chance to work on the design for a year.

After this time, however, a new Imperial law forbade most of the power armors and the Sunder 9 design was to be scrapped. At the same time, the Empire hired Llalik to work on the new Zero-G assault stormtrooper armor. Although Llalik would have a chance to include some Sunder 9 concepts on the Zero-G armor, they were not enough to make him forget his own dream.

Two unfinished Sunder 9 prototypes were stored on Llalik's home at Plavin 6, watched by a droid security detachment. Dr. Llalik was his own test pilot on Sunder 9 Project, and because he was left-handed, the prototypes included some weapons in the left arm.


Sunder 9 prototypes included the following features:

  • Aquatic propulsion system probably because Llalik was from a humid planet
  • Armor technology to avoid physical (and, to a lesser extent, energetic) damage, while at the same time improving the user's dexterity.
  • Blaster cannon on left arm (due to Llalik being left-handed).
  • Body glove including heating and cooling systems to operate in extreme environments.
  • Flame projector with a three-meter range, on right arm (It is unclear if the final design would switch arms).
  • Rocket pack allowing a horizontal 90-meter movement, or a vertical 50-meter.
  • Sealed enviro-filter to prevent entry of foreign substances; and also to seal the armor in hostile environments. A sealed Sunder 9 includes a four-hour power supply and a six-hour air supply.
  • Sensors including 270-degree vision, macrobinocular vision, and a specialized sonar and infrared sensor package for dark and aquatic environments.
  • Strength increaser allowing users to improve the damage in melee conditions; also improved lifting skill.