Sundro Tam was a male Human pirate[2] who lived during the reign of the New Republic.[1] Along with fellow Human Tarson Kestrel, Tam was one of the leaders of a group of spice raiders who made a living by stealing contraband from smugglers and other outlaws. In about 19 ABY, Tam and his men became stranded on the planet Endregaad after their starship broke down. He developed an addiction to the potent spice Tempest, which he had acquired on the streets of Endregaad, and after spending several months on the world, Tam's supplies of the drug were close to depletion. Tam learned that a starship carrying a cargo of the spice had crashed in Endregaad's Temple Valley and that the Hutt Mika Anjiliac had camped out with some of his bodyguards next to the crash-site, so Tam mustered a force of spice raiders and they set out to the crashed vessel on swoop bikes, to kill Mika and seize the spice.[2] However, the attack failed and Tam was slain by Mander Zuma, a Jedi archivist who had been sent to transport Mika off of Endregaad.[1]


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