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"Sorry about having to search ship, Captain Droma. Furnished pass codes checked out. But as things are now, even we must take precautions."
Plaan, to Droma, during his inspection of the "Sunlight Franchise"[src]

Sunlight Franchise was one a number of false transponder codes used by the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo and Droma used the Sunlight Franchise alias when they visted Esau's Ridge on Tholatin as part of their quest to reunite the Droma with his clan after they were separated at the First Battle of Ord Mantell during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


Plaan: "You still with the Sunlight?"
Han: "You might say that. Only you'd have to try a different name."
Plaan and Han Solo[src]

During the Sunlight Franchise's stay at Esau's Ridge, Droma posed as the freighter's captain while Han played the part of his first mate "Miek." Han and Droma acquired the parts they needed without blowing their cover despite an inspection and interview with the hideout's security chief, Plaan. Additionally, they learned that the smugglers based on Tholatin were running a scam by moving refugees just one step ahead of the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion force as well as the fact that they would be evacuating a number of refugees from Ruan. Although Han and Droma were too late to catch Droma's clan on Ruan, they were eventually reunited at the First Battle of Fondor.

Sometime prior to the Battle of Talfaglio, Han and Leia Organa Solo visited Nova Station in order to contact Booster Terrik and his Errant Venture. While waiting for Terrik, they encountered Plaan, now the first mate of the freighter Sweet Surprise. Han, once again assuming the identity of Miek told Plaan that he was now the captain of the Sunlight Franchise, which was now traveling under the name Longshot, the alias under which they had docked the Falcon. The crew of the Longshot consisted of Miek and his first mate, "Red" and they were waiting for a load of cargo, which was late. Plaan briefly attempted to get Leia to join the crew of the Sweet Surprise, but was dissuaded by Han. Plaan then informed them he needed help for a job shipping refugees, but was rather scant on the details.

In an attempt to find out more about the operation, Han feigned interest. For her part, Leia "reminded" Han of their current commitment and that they had already been paid for their current job. She added that their fictitious employer was the vindictive sort and might have Han frozen in carbonite if he broke his contract. Han told Plaan they would think about and ultimately didn't join the operation but was still curious abour what the crew of the Sweet Surprise was planning to do.

Han and Leia ascertained that the Sweet Surprise was indeed taking refugees to Coruscant, but informed Rogue Squadron of their suspicions. It turned out that the Sweet Surprise was indeed doing what Plaan said it was doing, but it was also carrying four voxyn as well. The actions of Han and Leia, as well as those of Rogue Squadron and the bulk cruiser Steady Lady ensured that the refugees reached Coruscant while the Yuuzhan Vong creatures did not.



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