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"FRT Sunnida and SHU Yagmar you have entered Imperial Space"

Sunnida was a flight group of three BFF-1 bulk freighters that were operated by smugglers.

Known shipsEdit


"Gamma 1 has detected illicit narcotics aboard FRT Sunnida 1"

The freighters Sunnida were three BFF-1 bulk freighters escorted by a pair of Lambda-class T-4a shuttles, Yagmar, operated by smugglers. The freighters were inspected by an Imperial TIE Interceptor to find that Sunnida 1 was carrying narcotics, which were illegal, while Sunnida 2 and 3 carried stimsticks.

Upon discovering this, the TIE Interceptor was ordered to help a stormtrooper transport Epsilon 2 capture the freighter by draining the deflector shields so that the ion cannons could disable it. The shuttles Yagmar attempted to stop the operation but were shot down, and the freighter was captured and taken to an Imperial shipyard.


"Good work, Gamma 1! You've helped stop a smuggling operation. The freighter will be taken to an Imperial storage yard."
―Imperial officer[src]

The event surrounding the ships was recreated as a training mission in the Combat chamber to train future TIE pilots. Maarek Stele took this training mission.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Very good! You've helped stop a spying operation. The freighter will be taken to an Alliance storage yard."

Sunnida was created for the 1994 video game Star Wars: TIE Fighter and appears in the first TIE Interceptor training mission, "Threat Display." The freighter must be disabled and captured to complete the "Secondary" mission objectives.

The freighters also appear in the 1997 video game Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, in the training mission inspection, in which the player can be either Alliance or Imperial and can have any craft of their choice. Sunnida and Yagmar play the same roles in both versions, but if the player takes the Alliance version, Sunnida 1 carries Imperial spies, while the rest carry repulsors and the shuttles carry Imperials. The ships can be destroyed for points.