Sunny Bounder was a Corellian swoop racer and the leader of the criminal swoop gang, the Black Seraphs. She was tall, narrow, and hard-eyed.

Sunny Rider had been a swoop and speeder bike rider since her childhood, and was also involved in illegal activities such as fixing races and organizing illegal swoop races. Involved in the shady activities of criminal swoop gangs, she formed the Black Seraphs from the remains of another swoop gang whose destruction she had played a role in. Bounder and the Black Seraphs would arrange fake swoop races on the Dragonbane circuit to attract novice racers, whom they would rob and leave for dead.

Her greatest possession was a Mobquet Flare-S swoop that she and her friend Grinder had heavily modified.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sunny Bounder serves as the primary antagonist, with nemesis status, in the role playing game modular encounter scenario Taming the Dragon as part of the Suns of Fortune supplement.