This article is about the starship. You may be looking for the Sunrider family, whom the starship was named for.

The Sunrider was a small starship found by the Jedi Tionne Solusar, Ikrit, Anakin Solo, Tahiri Veila and Uldir Lochett during their trip to Bast Castle on Vjun in 22 ABY.


The Sunrider was of an unknown ancient class and thus was suitable for the Kushiban Ikrit who had been born centuries before its discovery. The ship, formerly owned by Darth Vader, was named by Ikrit after Nomi Sunrider. This name was symbolic of Ikrit's choice to lay down his lightsaber, just as Nomi Sunrider gave up her weapon after slaying her husband's murderers.

Later, Uldir—having believed that Mage Orloc would be able to awaken the Force powers within him, which nobody at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 had been able to do so—stole Sunrider along with two Jedi artifacts recovered during the previous adventure at Bast Castle. They were the lightsaber of the Republic Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and the holocron of the ancient Jedi Master Asli Krimsan. Later, the ship was left behind as the group left Exis Station as they did not have the time to repair it after Orloc's henchmen had tampered with it. Ikrit stated that he might go back and retrieve the ship.


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