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"Welcome to Sunspot Prison. The biggest, baddest penitentiary the Alliance has to offer. May your stay here be a short one."
―Sunspot Prison's warden[src]

Sunspot Prison was a space-bound penitentiary maintained by the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. Owing its name to a nearby sun that bathed the facility in warmth and bright light, the penitentiary hosted many prisoners, including Imperial spies, mercenaries, war criminals, and even an Imperial Moff or two. Its existence was a well-guarded secret, and even most members of the Alliance knew nothing about it. The Prison was protected by the sun at its back, and by a sea of ion cannons in front of it. Doctor Aphra, a rogue archaeologist who had been a servant of Darth Vader, was incarcerated there after being captured by Leia Organa and Sana Starros.[2]

Following her arrival, it was raided by a fallen Rebel agent who went around killing the prisoners. He was thwarted by Organa, and they were able to send off a distress signal to the Alliance Fleet.[2]

Due to the assault, the Alliance was forced to temporarily close the facility, establishing a temporary holding spot on Akiva.[3]

The prison was still operating after the Battle of Endor. Following their disillusionment with the Empire, Inferno Squad feared surrendering to the Alliance, believing they might be imprisoned there.[4]

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Sunspot Prison appears in the Star Wars: Rebel Jail comic story arc.



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